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Coming To a River Near YOU!!!!

The forest service has made up a Environmental Assessment for the South Fork Clearwater, French Creek and Orogrande Creek. The problem is that they wrote a letter on the 17th of dec and published a legal notice in the lewiston Tribune on the 18th ONCE@!!!! Comments are only taken for 30 days so comments should be in the mail by the 15th of January. Folks, they tried to slip one by us again!!!! Please comment on this plot to sucker you into a Plan of Operation and a contract with the forest service!!!! Please read and research this document and state your opinion!!!! Thank you.

Forest Service Environmental Assessment Forum

Forest Service letter

Point source Pollution

NEDC from Oregon Law Review

This one is the best review ever written that I have seen. I neither seen this before or knew it existed. This actually leaves no wiggled room for the agencies to permit suction dredge mining according to the CWA.
I am adding 33 USC 1370, but this is a stand alone review. This is what it will take to get this legislation over the top!

33 USC 1370-State authority
Except as expressly provided in this chapter, nothing in this chapter shall
(2) be construed as impairing or in any manner affecting any right or jurisdiction of the States with respect to the waters (including boundary waters) of such States.